Cialis 20mg for sale in South Africa

Cialis is a prescription medication that uses Tadalafil as the active ingredient. It’s used to treat men with either erectile dysfunction or urinary issues that stem from benign prostatic hyperplasia. The medication helps with these ailments by increasing blood flow to the penis, bladder, and prostate. This also helps relax the muscles in these areas to improve a man’s ability to urinate or hold an erection to enjoy sexual activities with their partner. While it does help keep an erection, Cialis can only work if the man is sexual aroused; foreplay can be helpful.
However, this medication has its restrictions. It cannot be taken with other medications that help with heart or chest problems, which usually contain nitrates. If there are chronic heart problems, it would be best to avoid Cialis. Cialis may also cause an allergic reaction due to some of the ingredients that are in the medication.

Cialis 20mg for sale in South Africa

Cialis 20mg for sale in South Africa

Side effects

Some side effects can occur, such as indigestion, fatigue, diarrhea, sweating, migraines, and sore throat. It’s best to consult with a physician to see if this medication could work to solve a person’s impotence or urine problem.
While most places require a prescription from a medical doctor to purchase Cialis, there are various places online that sell it and ship it to South Africa.

Cialis in online pharmacy

One such website is called South African Pharmacy Shop (website: This shop sells them at different dosages, from 2.5 to 40 mg pills. Prices vary by dosage and amount of pills; for an order of 30 pills of Cialis 40 mg the price is $98.89, which is $3.30 per pill. The website also has promotional offers where they give free medication with the purchase of these pills. If someone wanted to buy the 30 pills, the website offers 2 100 mg pills of Viagra. Two shipping methods are offered; AirMail is less expensive than Express, but it will take 2-4 weeks and online tracking isn’t available to the consumer.

Another website that offers Cialis 20mg without a prescription which is “South African #1 Online Pharmacy”, according to the website. Orders ship free if over $205.06, and they only offer the 20 mg pills. The site has three quantity options for different prices; $67.67 for 10, $162 for 30, and $362.96 for 90 pills. A downside to this website, however, is that there’s only one shipping option available, which is through the Express Mail Service. With EMS costing $30.76, this bumps the total up from $162 to $192.76. This may not seem appealing when the other website offered a cheaper price and more variety, but this company caters to South Africa exclusively and the prices may indicate high quality products. A plus to this website that isn’t found on the other website is the combination of Cialis with other medications. For example, offers Cialis combined with Priligy, which can help those with both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Another positive to this website is the amount of information available to those who may be thinking of purchasing Cialis or another type of drug meant for erectile dysfunction.

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