Premature ejaculation: what would your partner want?

Premature Ejaculation Problems and Solutions

Ejaculation is a necessary process that happens with men, during either sexual intercourse or masturbation. In both cases, the moment of ejaculation defines a lot of the pleasure experience, since it is deeply connected with male orgasm, and the sensitivity of the penis to stimulation is entirely dependent on how close, or how far, it is from the ejaculatory moment. Although it does not happen on the female body, during sexual experiences most women will have their pleasure influenced by when or how the man ejaculates. And, last but not least, of course, ejaculation is what makes it possible for the sexual intercourse, if allowed to follow it’s a natural course, to cause insemination, which is essential to, later on, lead to pregnancy.

What is premature ejaculation

When this process is happening naturally, researchers report that it will usually take anywhere from 4 to 8 minutes. However, even in natural circumstances, that time period can vary extremely, from less to much, much more, and any isolated case in either direction is not a cause for alarm. What can bring about a problem is when a man starts ejaculating before the 4 minutes mark too often, and in some cases can even find himself never been able to even reach it. In other cases, a man feels his ejaculation is premature when the time he is able to keep his erection before ejaculation is not enough to satisfy his partner. In either of those cases, regardless of the reason, there’s a person who is dissatisfied with their ejaculatory behavior, and they could change that, sometimes quite easily, by seeking professional help.


Official diagnostic of premature ejaculation defines the problem to be present when an individual climaxes 15 seconds after the beginning of the intercourse. That should not stop any person feeling like their ejaculation happens too soon from seeking solutions since those can be found – but also should help to give perspective and help with not feeling too worried if this extreme case is not happening with you. It’s quite often for a person to be unable to control their ejaculation because they are not very aware of all the sensations and body mechanisms that lead to ejaculation happening. One thing that can be extremely helpful in those cases is to squeeze firmly one’s penis when feeling that ejaculation is unavoidable. That will often stop ejaculation from happening, and allow the person to focus on their sensations in order to learn the mechanism better, which leads to controlling it better. Stopping stimulation momentarily when the premature ejaculation is about to take place, and suspend any touches until those sensations are released, before restarting the stimulation, can also be helpful.

What can you do

Usually, it involved repeating this cycle 3 or 4 times and only then letting ejaculation happen. This is known to, in many cases, reeducate the body in a way that, after a few attempts, the patient becomes much more in control of how and when they ejaculate. Beyond that, in order to really gain stronger control and tranquility with the ejaculatory process, the ultimate solution while still dealing with one’s body is the so-called Kegel Exercises. They can involve a great number of different exercises in the pelvic region, aiming at making all the muscles involved with the ejaculation process stronger, which then can impact ejaculation delay even extremely. The simplest of those, and already helpful in many cases, consists on simply making the muscles of the prostate as tense as possible, and then subsequently relaxing them as much as possible. This is repeated as many times as it’s comfortable and should be done with a certain frequency. There’s no other physical solution that is more able to delay human ejaculation than the Kegel Exercises.

The root of the problem

However, in many cases, the root of the problem lies in psychological, not physical complications. Although even in those cases the improvement of the physical conditions could prove helpful if a person is experiencing psychological reactions along with their premature ejaculation, the help of a psychologist will absolutely be needed. If none of those procedures prove useful, in some cases doctors have found success with prescribing anti-depressants to patients with premature ejaculation. Even if those drugs were designed for something entirely different, they tend to cause delayed ejaculation as a secondary effect. Of course, it’s not recommended to resort to the use of medication without having tried all the other possible solutions, but that last resort option is also there to help someone who is not responding well to different approaches.

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Premature Ejaculation: An Insightful and Honest Evaluation

Premature Ejaculation: It’s Not Just for Teens in the American Pie

Premature ejaculation may seem like a funny punch line to giggle at but it is a great cause of shame in many men young and old. It can affect your self-confidence and your sense of worth. It can cause frustrations in your sexual relationships and it may feel as though there is no hope for your sex life.

Who it affects

Many young men and boys suffer from the issue of premature ejaculation as they are going through puberty and early teen years. Usually coupled with spontaneous erections which can be embarrassing for the young boy. It usually corrects itself as the young man matures. But you would be surprised at the actual number of men who go through this issue at many different stages of life. Anywhere from 30 – 70% of men report having experienced it at some point in their lives. It is the most common sexual disorder in men under 40 years old. In much of history, it was considered a psychological disease, and there were no known organic causes.

What it is

Premature Ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates without control or orgasms too quickly. There are numerous reasons why this may happen and some of those reasons may be depression, stress, or mental or emotional health which can all aggravate this condition. There is growing evidence that some biological factors may make some men more prone to premature ejaculation.

Why it happens

A few of the things that could make this happen to a man are, intense arousal toward another person, the sensation of his boxers or sheets rubbing against his penis, exertion during exercise causing more blood flow to the penis, making it erect and from that point any light stimulation causing him to reach orgasm. This can not only occur during sexual/ oral intercourse but even during masturbation. Some men can have an erection suddenly and prematurely ejaculate without even touching the penis.

What are the effects

As you can imagine, these instances where you are not in a sexual setting can be devastatingly embarrassing. But this can be equally stressful when it happens with a partner. Sex is a form of great pleasure and connection for many couples. Enjoying the sensations of another persons body, and becoming closer and connecting through the emotional aspects of sex. But when a man has his orgasm too early this can leave the other party upset. The encounter is cut short with no release from the other person. This can hurt the relationship in many ways including emotionally. It can make a man so embarrassed that he avoids sexual contact all together, in fear of it happening again.

How to avoid

But there is hope for this man. For one, usually with time and maturity the problem will resolve itself. But there are a few things you can do to fix the problem sooner. First things first, admitting there is a problem is undoubtedly the very first step in fixing the problem…admitting you have one. As reported by having open and honest discussions about the issue may be very intimidating and scary but it is crucial. You should have talks with your partner about this and assure them that it is something you want to work on and that you could use a little patience and support. It is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about.


Of the many techniques you can try, some things to consider are masturbating an hour or two before sexual intercourse to delay ejaculation during sex. You could try avoiding direct sex and enjoy other forms of sexual play, focusing on the pleasure of the activity as a whole, and not putting so much pressure on the climax and sex itself. Another thing to try would be pelvic floor exercises. Weak pelvic floor muscles impair your ability to delay orgasm. These exercises help strengthen these muscles and could give you more control before ejaculation. You could also consider using condoms as they tend to decrease sensitivity in the penis. There are even condoms you can buy that contain numbing agents and are made of thicker latex.

These features could significantly increase your chance of an erection lasting much longer for your partner to enjoy.

Consult your physician

Many methods could help with your premature ejaculation, so talk to your doctor today to see which methods are right for you and your partner.

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