Prostate Cancer Tips For Awareness

Prostate malignant growth is one of the most well-known sorts of disease in men

Prostate cancer is never something you want to deal with, but by the time you get to be my age you have to realize that it is just something that might happen. if you are over 50, i hope you are scheduling yourself for a prostate check at least every four years or so, that’s the suggestion at least. But enough about that, there are a few interesting facts that i want to discuss in today’s article about prostate cancer that i think you just might find interesting.

Well the good news is that recent studies have stated even if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer these days, you have a 95% chance of surviving it for at least five years, that’s better than nothing i can tell you that. and considering that about twenty percent of all men will develop at least some form of cancer before they turn 85, it is information you might want to keep in your back pocket.

Prostate Cancer FAQs

Who does prostate cancer effect

Back in 2014 it was estimated that there was a little over 90,00 men that were currently living with prostate cancer here in Australia, Ninety thousand!!! And nowadays as recently as 2019, prostate cancer is thought to be THE most common cancer that you can be diagnosed with. in fact, just in 2019 along there were almost 20,000 reported cases of prostate cancer. If that isn’t enough to convince you that this is something you seriously need to keep track as you get on in your years maybe this is. Also in 2019 the numbers came in and showed that prostate cancers were expected to be the reason for 12 percent of all death in Australia that year alone. Who knows how many of those cases could have been changed if that had caught it early.

Routine screening

The reason I stress getting a routine screening for this issue by the time you hit the big 50 is because there is likely to be no symptoms that you will experience when the cancer is in its early stages. These screenings will be the best way for early detection and potentially save your life. By the time the cancer becomes more severe you will definitely begin to notice several different issues and red flags that your body will begin throwing your way in order to tell you something it wrong.

You may suddenly have to urinate suddenly or more often and when you do urinate it may be a very uncomfortable process to the point that there might be blood in your urine. Some people have reported that they have trouble urinating in general during the later stages of prostate cancer.

Risk factors

The fact is that prostate cancer is a killer, and a serial killer at that. If that’s not a good reason to get checked out once every 4 years then i’m not sure what is.

But if you are not willing to put in the work and make sure your body is in working order every few years then where does the blame truly lie?

This thing is beatable and there are things that you can do as you get older to help prevent it from ever happening in the first place. Studies are actually beginning to suggest that the reason some people get prostate cancer is due to the advancements in our society where we tend to eat a large amount of processed meat and food that are high in fat. Supposedly, this can actually be a risk factor.

Get checked regularly

If, unfortunately, it is suspected through testing that you may be at risk, your doctor will likely want to perform a biopsy next. This is the only real way to know whether or not you have prostate cancer. You will likely be directed to a urologist who will biopsy a small portion of prostate tissue for examination. This is done one of two ways, and both with a thin hollow needle that is guided through your body via ultrasound.

They can choose to either access your prostate through your rectum or through the perineum, which is the area of skin between the scrotum and the anus. you’ll likely get a course of antibiotics afterwards to reduce the chance of infection, and then be on your way to sit and wait for the results of the biopsy itself. So be safe, be proactive, and be healthy. a screening could save your life!


9 thoughts on “Prostate Cancer Tips For Awareness”

  1. I’m 55 and my entire world changed 5 years ago. During a routine prostate exam the results almost immediately changed everything. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Its been a battle ever since that day. My doctor gas been monitoring me as it’s only growing slowly. But the dramatic impact it plays on my emotions and mind is terrifying me constantly. I have so much to live for that the thought of death haunts my way of life.

  2. cancer is a bastard. the best thing that could have done is frequently do more check ups with the doctor in the city that he is living in. The earlier the better when dealing with cancer. so we can try to eliminate it or something. Yet alone prostate cancer in the men today is crazy. It is truly sad when no one has help at all. like the man above said, he has nobody. No family, no money and cant afford the bills. This is when the government should help out or do something. we cant just stand by when honest people need help and have no ability to help themselves because he simply cant afford the high price these things have gotten. the last line killed me and ill go through my last point. people should exercise daily. we cant just be sitting at home all day. Theres got to be a way to implement a forced exercise for people. Everyday so we can be healthier as a community.

  3. It kills about 30,000 a year. In most men, prostate cancer isn’t likely to kill them before something else does. But since prostate cancer still kills so many men, it’s important to find out which men are most at risk of dying early. This new study shows that PSA can tell youFinding prostate cancer when it is still at an early stage offers the best hope for living cancer free for a long time. The most recent research shows the five-year survival rate for all men with prostate cancer is nearly 100 percent. The relative 10-year survival rate is 98 percent, and 96 percent for 15 years.

  4. It was as if I was given the shortest stick when I found out that I had prostate cancer at the early age of 29. Evidently, there’s been less than 30 reported cases of prostate cancer among men under 40 years of age and somehow I was the 1 out of 30. It started when I got the symptoms lower abdominal pain, weak urine stream, nocturia and urinary hesitancy for 5 weeks until they got worse. At first, the doctors thought that maybe it was a urinary tract infection but that couldn’t be it since I had no history of it along with a bunch of other possible diseases. It stomped my doctors when they finally figured out that I had prostate cancer since it didn’t typically happen to young men. For weeks it was like I was a lab rat as they tried and tried to figure out more about how I have prostate cancer. I was warned that survival would be harder for me due to my age and how far the cancer advanced. I didn’t know how to react. How to tell my family. The doctors determined that since I’m young treatment should be initiated promptly rather than using the wait and watch method generally used in older age group males. To this day I’m still fighting for myself, my family, and my future.

  5. Like all men I needed to go and get my prostate checkup. I seriously didn’t want to do it. With the time of the waiting room and then the embarrassment of the exam I debating about skipping it, but because of a friend of mine telling me that the importance of it and how their father got sick with prostate cancer I went. I’m glad I did because they actually found a problem and were able to take care of it before it took my life.

  6. Most people feel terrified and helpless upon getting any diagnosis of any kind of cancer. It’s the plague of the milllennium.

    I know from experience that a diagnosis of prostate cancer (PCa) for men brings out much macho-man typical North American male bravado and denial. That’s what I did. I simply refused to believe it, and even if it was true, I figured I didn’t need any damn doctor fooling around with my boys! That was my immediate reaction, without any rational thought given to my diagnosis.

    BACK STORY]…… But I am an exceptional case, so other men most likely come to their senses soon than I did…… You see, I came to this event in my life with a strong death wish already planted deep in my mind. Twenty-two years ago I survived a bleeding sub-arachanoid cerebral haemorrhage (brain aneurysm) that left me with much psychic and physical pain that I endure every every minute of my li fe, 24/7. My pain will never get better, only worse with age. (I’m 60 this year.) I lost my career, my dream job, as a news reporter.

    I blame those brain surgeons for “saving” me. For WHAT? Why did they do it? Just because they COULD. If those surgeons 22 years ago had given me a real prognosis for my survival after the brain surgery I believe i would have said, No Thanks, just let me die. But they never said a word about the suffering I was in for for the rest of my life

  7. My brother and l both were diagnosed with prostate cancer, he ignored the symptoms and only survived just over 13 months. I had my prostate removed in Feb 2015 and a year later had a 2 month course of radiotherapy. I have lived to see my 2 children growing up and another on the way. It is so important not to ignore the symptoms, you can survive like me. It’s not without problems though. I live with incontinence but I’m alive and enjoy a normal life and still work.

  8. I learned I had Prostate Cancer through regular check-ups at my Dr. I chose to have radiation and after several treatments and also getting an implant of slow release radiation I am finally cancer free. I go to the Dr. For regular check-ups and each time I ring that bell as a sign I am still cancer free.

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