Everything you need to know about the male enhancement drug Viagra

Viagra is one of the most generic medicines in the world and they are usually sold on the black market. There are approximately about 1800 internet pharmacies that are operating legally. They are selling products that are being portrayed as legitimate drugs, but these drugs do not have enough of the active ingredient or it has way too much of that ingredient which can be very dangerous. It has been a mission to decrease the number of people who is buying illegal Viagra. Other than the factor that obtaining illegal Viagra on the black market is dangerous it is also promoting a negative industry that is falsely producing counterfeit drugs.

In South Africa, it was imperative to uncover the reasoning on why men are moving forward to buying Viagra from reputable sources

There are men who are not approved to take Viagra and they are unable to obtain the drug through legal channels. These men tend to turn to the online pharmacies and local sex shop to obtain Viagra. In efforts to attack the cause of reducing the risk towards men, South Africa is working on efforts to make Viagra available to men through local pharmacies.

The counterfeiting drug market is estimated to be about billion with Viagra being responsible for a large portion of that profit

Men desire the drug and will go to great lengths to obtain Viagra. Going to a general practitioner seems like a very simple task to do but for some men it is not that simple. Some men go to the general practitioner just to be informed that they are not a candidate to take Viagra. They want immediate results therefore they turn to the illegal internet market. There are other reasons that may hinder a man from going to the general practitioner instead of not being an ideal candidate. Not having a general practitioner in one’s local area may diminish one’s opportunity to seek Viagra legitimately. Another reason could be due to waiting list being too long to see a general practitioner.

Because of the condition Viagra is geared to treat, it is understandable why men are in more of a rush and not willing to wait for some type of help

The next concern could be around the prescription being in low quantities. Viagra is usually available in such small quantities that only four tablets may be prescribed, and most men feel that this number is so low and is not a fit for their sexual lifestyle. With a legitimate prescription general practitioners limit patients on the number they may be prescribed at one time. This is a safety issue, but some men would rather not deal with the hassle.

Viagra without prescription

Many professionals believe that improving the access to Viagra would be beneficial and that South Africa can surely handle it. Considering that New Zealand has put in place for Viagra to be available without prescription, South Africa is on bored to do the same thing. South Africa believes that there are still some implications that still need to be worked out before allowing men to obtain Viagra without a prescription. It is believed that there needs to be some type of protocol in place to maintain control over the drug. The drug is not for everyone and the consumption of Viagra by the wrong person could result in fatal results. Some type of medical oversight will more than likely have to be involved.

Viagra for erectile dysfunction

Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction and because of this it is assumed that men that will be in the market for this drug will usually be suffering from some type of depression or anxiety and not wanting to talk to a general practitioner about their problem. Erectile dysfunction involves the inability to obtain and/or maintain an erection even when sexual stimulation is involved. Hence, this is enough to make men want to whatever they can in the least embarrassing manner. It is estimated that about 70 percent of men that is currently suffering from erectile dysfunction will not seek medical treatment mainly due to some of the reasons we mentioned beforehand. This situation is encouraging the hassle free approach of making Viagra prescription free, but it places some risk to the point that other untreated conditions may counteract with the drug and cause bigger issues.

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