Viagra: does it have any other benefits besides the obvious?

With so many erectile dysfunction medicines on the market, it may be hard to decide which one is best for you.

There’s no reason for this to be a hard decision anymore. Viagra is the best erectile dysfunction medicine out there for all men! 4 out of 5 men who take Viagra achieve an erection that is hard enough for sex. These are great odds for an erectile dysfunction medicine! Viagra is medicine to buy NOW for your erectile dysfunction.

Viagra is a pill medicine that you can take 30-60 minutes before you plan to have sexual intercourse.

When you take Viagra it goes into your bloodstream and helps relax your blood vessels in your penis. This allows the blood to start to flow through more easily and allows for an erection to occur. Viagra can also be used for all men in the four stages of erectile dysfunction! Also, Viagra can last up to 4 hours after you take it. This means that with the proper sexual stimulation you don’t have to rush before it wears off. Take your time. Once you have sex and your erection doesn’t go away, you will need to call your primary care physician. This is not common. There are 3 different doses of Viagra. Those are 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. Talk to your primary care physician about what dose is best for you and then get the prescription for it!

Viagra is like other medicines when it comes to some interactions.

If you are taking any medicine with nitrates it is advised that you do not take Viagra. Also, if you take any type of street drugs or illegal drugs then you should not be taking Viagra. Since Viagra was originally created to try to treat high blood pressure it will have bad interactions in users who are taking other blood pressure medicines.

Viagra does have some side effects.

The most common side effects of Viagra are headache, upset stomach, flushing of the skin, back pain, runny nose, some blurry vision, nausea, dizziness and more. Some serious side effects of Viagra that are VERY rare are a heart attack, stroke, priapism (an erection that won’t go away after 4 hours) sudden vision loss in BOTH eyes, and many more. Please talk to your primary care physician over all the side effects of Viagra.

There are some important things to remember when you are taking Viagra.

Try to avoid alcohol because this can make any side effects of dizziness worse. Also, try to avoid foods with high fat intake when taking Viagra. This will make Viagra take longer to go through your system and work. If you feel like Viagra isn’t working for you, then please talk to your primary care physician about changing our dose. Not all doses may work the same for all mean. If at first, you don’t achieve keep trying. Don’t stop!

In order to get Viagra, you will need a prescription from your doctor.

There may be websites online that offer Viagra without prescription, but it’s advised to avoid these at all costs. These websites are selling counterfeit Viagra which can be VERY dangerous. Depending on the dose and amount you get Viagra can cost between AU for 25 mg all the way up to AU. If you buy from a credited online pharmacy it can take 1-2 weeks to ship in and to South Africa.

With so many erectile dysfunction medicines on the market, it can be hard to find what is best for you.
Over 80% of men using Viagra got results. Why would you chose anything else? Go to your doctor today and get a prescription!

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