Viagra: a wonder drug for effective treatment of erectile dysfunction

If you’ve been taking Viagra over the past year. Then you know it is the most used erectile dysfunction treatment available.

However, there has been a lot of talk In South Africa about Viagra that suggests that popular medication might be past its prime. Today, I want to talk about the opinions of men who are currently using Viagra to determine if the medication has outlived its usefulness. In addition to that, I’ll discuss if Viagra should still be a consideration for guys who are recently dealing with erectile dysfunction. Also, I have been doing a lot of research when it comes to Viagra and I will be sharing some interesting facts that I’ve discovered.

Now you’re probably wondering what is making men question whether or not Viagra has outlived its usefulness?

Well, the most obvious reason would be the fact that Viagra is almost 16 years old. In fact, Viagra first made its appearance back in November of 2003. Since then a number of new medications have hit the market. Some of them are comparable to Viagra but ultimately none of them have the track record of success that Viagra has. It is very hard to compare a medication that has upwards of 85% success rate to new medications with no reliable statistics at all. I mean Viagra is so successful they made it into ice cream. Yes, Viagra is now a type of ice cream you can purchase.

Men also have a concern about Viagra’s activation time and duration. I would consider these concerns valid.

Viagra can take upwards of an hour to start working and only lasts for 6 hours. For most guys, there isn’t a lot of bang for your buck here. Thankfully, Viagra does have variations of the medication that addresses these issues. If you aren’t interested in that, there are natural ways to tackle these issues. When it comes to making Viagra kick in faster, all you need to do is take the medication on an empty stomach. If you want to make Viagra last longer you will need to increase your water intake in addition to adding watermelon, shellfish, and spinach to your diet.

These foods work in tandem with Viagra and increase its effectiveness and potency.

Earlier I spoke about bang for your buck and ironically it is also another valid concern for men. Viagra is a very expensive erectile dysfunction treatment. When the medication was released it would cost men upwards of ,500 a month. The reason behind this price tag is because medical insurance does not cover erectile dysfunction medications. Which means the men have to pay out of pocket. I think this is unfair, but I don’t make the rules. I just report them. However, there is a light at the end of the expensive tunnel.

Over the years the price of Viagra has dropped by about 55%.

The medication still costs a pretty penny but it is no longer unattainable for low-income users. If you really want to save a lot of money on Viagra then shop online only. If you stop at physical locations you can expect to pay the full price. Online sources have large discounts and some of them even give you free samples! When you weigh the positives and negatives the truth is Viagra has lasted this long for a reason. It is reliable, trustworthy, and reputable. If you’re on the fence about Viagra, don’t be. It is still one of the best medications available.

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The effects of Viagra and sexual activity in South African senior citizens

For decades things like erectile dysfunction were considered to be something that only older men go through.

However, men are quickly learning that this is not true. Men, in general, are developing erectile dysfunction at younger ages. The youngest recorded cases of erectile dysfunction are as young as 16 years of age. While these young men shouldn’t be consumed with their sex lives, it begs the question. What is going on? Today, I want to talk to you a bit about the dangers of erectile dysfunction and why men of all ages should worry. In addition to this, I’ll be talking about the world’s most popular treatment. Viagra.

Erectile dysfunction has been something that isn’t seen as a major threat to a man’s health.

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is usually a symptom of more serious health issues. In fact, you probably didn’t know that if you are having erectile problems that it might point issues with your heart and blood pressure. You also probably didn’t know that erectile issues that are not taken care of will inevitably lead to the permanent loss of your erectile function. More than 60% of men worldwide that are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction do have other underlining health conditions that stem from their inability to get an erection.

In Australia alone, there are over two million new cases of erectile dysfunction reported every year.

That number is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years. That means what is two million this year will most likely reach four million the next. You might be wondering how exactly has this gotten so bad that these many men are diagnosed each and every year? To put it bluntly. Technology. Let’s get real with each other for a minute. We aren’t living the physically demanding lives that our grandfathers had to live when they were our age. In fact, statistics show they were more physically active and produced much more testosterone than many men today.

This lifestyle of sitting at our desks licking Dorito dust off our fingertips has ultimately sabotaged our sexual health.

We all know one of the drawbacks of sitting too long is poor blood circulation. That circulation is being cut off at our legs and what is between our legs guys? Bingo, the cause of all our troubles. So what do we do to protect ourselves? There are a number of sources and treatments. Viagra would be one of the best methods of course. However, there is a way to increase Viagra’s effectiveness. Changing our daily habits would be the first place you should start.

Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise daily can increase the effectiveness of Viagra.

The physical activity would get the blood circulating which would help the medication get to where it needs to be faster. The next thing you should do to get more bang for your buck with Viagra would be to drink more water. Water opens up the blood vessels along with Viagra which gives you the strongest erection possible. A nice side effect of this combination is a thicker and fuller looking penis. Now here comes the bad news. You have to get a prescription for Viagra to use it. That means you will be going to the doctor. I know! I get it but get over it. This is one of the most important doctor’s visits you ever make. Talk to your doctor today about Viagra.

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Let Viagra help you get to where you need to be for a night of fun!

Viagra professional is a medication that treats erectile dysfunction. The term erectile dysfunction is used to describe when men are unable to achieve or keep an erection during sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is noted to affect men that are elder in age. Viagra is a very popular medication used around the globe to treat this condition in men. Viagra has been on the market since 1998.

However, Viagra professional is a recently formulated prescription drug.

The same as Viagra, Viagra professional works by relaxing your muscles and opening blood vessels, which then allows more blood to flow through. In order to achieve an erection that blood flow is needed. Viagra professional has been formulated, as there are constantly improved ways of treating erectile dysfunction being discovered. It is to be chewed then ingested causing the affect to be brought on as early as 20 minutes, which is much quicker than regular Viagra tablet that takes up to 60 minutes.

Although you are able to swallow the tablet, it is recommended to gain desired effects to chew it.

This allows for a faster absorption into your bloodstream. Swallowing Viagra professional gives you the same effect as taking regular Viagra. Once you chew the tablet you can start with foreplay, which is considered a great enhancement before sexual activity begins. Some may question how safe Viagra professional is. Viagra professional is considered very safe when taken as prescribed. Like all medications it can come with minor side effects which would include: headache, dizziness, facial flushing/redness, and upset stomach. If these side effects did occur they would be short lived, and would disappear after the drug affects wore off. Some men need to stay away from this medication due to certain health issues that may be present. Health conditions that would be a concern would be history of stroke, uncontrolled blood pressure, any nitrate consumption, or a history of heart attack. In Australia you need to have a prescription in order to obtain this medication. It can not be bought over the counter or online legally. This prevents the dangers that could come with taking erectile dysfunction medication. The doctor can discuss any questions you may have about Viagra professional, and they can assess your health to check for any underlying issues or current health conditions. Your medications can be checked out, and dosage discussed to see if it is right for you. For Australia patients, once you achieve a prescription you would be able to visit any pharmacy that is accredited to fill your prescription. Viagra is the most counterfeit medication in the world, and Australia is known for laying down strict laws to prevent injury or even death from nonapproved locations that may try to sell Viagra professional and other medications that are similar.

It costs around 1$ per sachet, which contain 4 pills.

Depending on your insurance, what they’re willing to cover, and your location the prices may vary. Viagra professional is not to be taken everyday, but only whenever sexual activity is to occur. It is not to be taken for more than once per day. It is not recommended to be taken with alcohol, fatty meals, or certain medications. All of which are things that can be discussed with your doctor. Many men are turning to their doctors for assistance with erectile dysfunction as it is no longer considered taboo. Don’t be shy about the condition, and make sure that you turn to your doctor for advice. Like many men, you will gain your confidence back, enhance your personal life, and reconnect relationships.

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