Viagra: how to buy it safely in South Africa?

Viagra is the more popular brand name for a medication used in men with erectile dysfunction. Men experiencing erectile dysfunction will either experience the inability to maintain or gain an erection, or hard on, whenever engaging in sexual activity. However, Viagra wasn’t always designed to treat men experiencing erectile dysfunction. When Viagra was originally being observed and tested, it was aimed towards helping those who had high blood pressure. During the testing it was found that high amounts of the medication was needed in order to achieve desirable results. Also, during this time men where reporting their findings on the medication inducing erections. The study then took a turn towards another direction. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can find it hard to talk about these types of issues, and avoid talking to their health care professional. On top of that, Viagra was considered taboo until recently. Since Viagra has came to light and has been shown to help the men who suffer with erectile dysfunction, more and more men have been coming forward. Viagra has shown to be effective and safe, hence why the popularity. Some have seen this as a money opportunity, and now Viagra has become the most counterfeit drug on the market. There are over 1500 places online that selling this drug as counterfeit. These companies are promising fast results with no prescription needed. The medication is being sold with too little or too much of the active ingredient causing great danger to consumers. There are also reports of blue printer ink being used on the tablets in order to mimic the true Viagra pill. With the convenience, discreet, and cheap prices of these counterfeit tablets, consumers continue to put their lives in danger as they purchase from these companies. Some are not even aware of the dangers. In Australia a law has been put into place that makes it illegal to buy Viagra without a prescription, and you are not able to sell Viagra without being approved. This is put into place to try to cut back on the counterfeit tablets being sold and the amount of danger that comes with it. It has been circulating that a type of Viagra will hit the market that will not require a prescription, however, it is unclear if Australia will take part in this. If it is made available it is hoped to cut down on consumers buying counterfeit tablets. There are many reasons why one wouldn’t see a doctor for a prescription. It could be that there is not GP, or too long of a waiting list. Viagra tablets are given four at a time and some men are not happy with this amount so they seek different ways in gaining more. It is important not to skip out of seeking a medical profession and prescription. Your doctor can go over your health and make sure that your blood pressure, heart, and medications are all okay before taking Viagra. Certain medications can counteract, and it is too dangerous to take if you have major health issues that need to be addressed. Once approved for a prescription you are to take Viagra only as needed, and it is not meant to take more than once daily. It is often recommended to avoid taking it daily. For faster absorption and better results it is said to not take after eating or drinking alcohol. Like all medications side effects are a factor, but they are only minor. Side effects may include redness in the face, headache, tummy upset, or muscle aches. These are short lived and disappear quickly. Not everyone will experience side effects. The older gentlemen and those with a reaction are more prone to experience side effects. If you are interested in taking Viagra speak with your health care professional right away to see if Viagra is right for you!

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Authentic viagra sale: ED treatment.


Viagra is a prescription drug that is used to help men who have problems with erectile dysfunction. The drug helps men achieve and maintain erections. Viagra is the brand name of a drug called sildenafil citrate and it is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. This drug works by helping improve the flow of blood to the penis, by relaxing the blood vessels. While the drug doesn’t cause erections automatically, it helps men achieve erections when they are sexually stimulated. About half of men over 50 have some problems with getting an erection.

Viagra is not a cure for erectile dysfunction and it does not increase a man’s sexual desire.

It is also not a form of birth control and it does not protect users from sexually transmitted diseases. Viagra should be taken about an hour before planned sexual activity. The drug should not be taken more than once in a 24 hour period, nor should it be combined with any other type of drugs used for erectile dysfunction. Although generic forms of Viagra can be purchased online, it is advisable to consult with a medical doctor and only use it as directed by your doctor, as Viagra can effect people differently and can interfere with other prescriptions drugs. Viagra is a blue, diamond-shaped pill taken by mouth. In South Africa, Viagra is considered a Schedule 4 drug and it requires a prescription from a doctor. It can be purchased in pharmacies.

An authentic Pfizer-manufactured Viagra pill is coated and will have the word Pfizer engraved on one side and on the other side it will have VGR 50 engraved on it.

Viagra is available in South Africa on the Repatriation Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits, as of March, 2019. More information about the government subsidy can be found on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme website. Australian men must have a DVA Gold Card, DVA Orange Card, or DVA White Card in order to access Viagra from the Repatriation Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits. Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by many things, such as side effects from other drugs, a physical injury, or diseases, such as diabetes, prostate cancer treatment, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, or spinal cord injuries, as well as anxiety and depression. Also, lifestyle factors, such as smoking, drinking, and stress can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Four out of five men who take 25 to 50 mg of Viagra have been able to achieve and maintain erections strong enough to have sex. Between 72% and 85% of men taking 25, 50, and 100 mg of Viagra were able to achieve erections strong enough to engage in sexual activity, compared to 50% who took a placebo.

Viagra should not be taken with nitrate, or guanylate cyclase stimulators, like Adempas (riociguat).

Some common side effects of Viagra are headache, flushing to the face, upset stomach, blurry or blue-tinged vision, back or muscle pain, nausea, or a stuffy nose. Any erection lasting longer than four hours can cause damage to the penis and emergency medical help should be immediately consulted. Side effects should be reported to your doctor, or they can be reported directly to

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